Monday, September 13, 2010

Striperhead 2010

Before each Striperhead I put a piece of duct tape on my rod to note what a legal fish is. I can dream can't I? In MA, it is 28". When I went to the MA salt water recreational fishing page it indicated a possession limit of 2 stripers 28" or longer. Has it always been that? I thought there was a single fish limit.

I bought a 50 foot roll of Tyger knot tying stainless steel. Nylon coated braided, 30 lb test for blue fish tippets. Found it to be the best material I have found. Does not give you a curly pig tail when you stretch it. I put a Palomar loop at one end. I will have lots to share with the group.


1 comment:

  1. Bill, for the recent past memory, it has been 2 fish at 28 or more.

    Surprised a couple years ago to see a limit for bluefish.. 10 per person per day


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